Baccarat Games

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Baccarat Gold Series is a variant of baccarat which follows the usual main rules of baccarat, but with the following differences:

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When the player bets on the Player, it is permissible to hit or stand with a total of 5. This is similar to the rules as played in Chemin de Fer. You can visit new usa online casinos and make extra money.

If a third card is drawn by the Player the rules governing the Banker’s draw change as outlined below:

If the Banker totals 0 to 3: Always draw.
If the Banker totals 4 to 5: Draw if player’s third card is a 3 to 7.
If the Banker totals 6 to 7: Do not draw.
Tie bets pay 9 to 1.

SicBoSic Bo is a dice game variant which, while using dice, has similar elements which may appeal to the card player. Sic Bo is a traditional Chinese game which is also known as big-small, or hi-lo. Three dice are used. Like baccarat Sic Bo appears to be a simple game of chance, but it also has a complex series of rules governing bets and combinations which call for the player to use strategy and intelligence.

craps_diceThe baccarat player wanting a change from card games will find a lot to like about Sic Bo. Vegas Craps is also a game of dice, this time using just a pair. It’s a fast and exciting game- often the noisiest game in the casino, and certainly one of the most popular. The click of the dice against the craps table is an iconic essential in most people’s vision of a casino.

grand-parker-casinoThe sheer number of possible bets at online craps is staggering, and the huge variation in odds – which can pay out anywhere from evens to 16:1- make craps a different game every time. The craps table is distinctively laid out and divided into two side areas and one centre area. Each side area contains Come, and Don’t Come, bets; Pass, and Don’t Pass, bets; Place bets; and Field Bets. The centre area contains the Proposition bets, and is shared equally by the two side areas.