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I’ve always been fascinated by gambling establishments, also known as casinos, the excitement in the air, the electric sense of anticipation. I found myself over the years becoming enthralled by baccarat. The air of mystery around the hushed table, the thrill of knowing fortunes could be won and lost on the turn of a card summed up for me all that was glamorous and daring about the casino world.

online baccaratAs a wine buyer I traveled extensively throughout the world, and wherever I visited a night at the baccarat table always made for a sophisticated way to treat my clients and suppliers. The sense of occasion, and the game itself, made for a memorable evening every time and I spent some happy times in casinos across the world.

My career went very successfully and I was able to take early retirement; to spend a little time just enjoying my life. I had time to learn how to play online baccarat from the comfort of my home and I looked to find online options.

super6 baccaratAnd I found them- but I’m the kind of person who looks at a thing and thinks, “I can do better than that”. The funny thing about slowing down to take things easy after working hard all your life is how quickly you start to miss having new challenges, new hills to climb. So I told myself to put my money where my mouth was and make a better online baccarat site. And so I did. And here we are.

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