High Limit Baccarat


The High in High Limit Baccarat

baccarat royaleBaccarat has traditionally always been the game of the high rollers, the “whales” quietly sitting in the private back room and gambling a king’s ransom on the turn of a card. Ian Fleming centered the whole of the original plot of Casino Royale around a game of alddins_gold_casinobaccarat and featured the game in many other Bond novels and I think we can fairly assume that suave gentleman spy James Bond didn’t play for the tepid joy of a penny bet! Please visit real online casino usa that pays out and win.

The stakes in some baccarat games have been truly astronomical with sums amounting to millions of dollars won and lost. In 2000 the world famous high roller Kerry Packer lost $19 million in 3 days at the baccarat tables in Las Vegas, though as he reputedly once won the same amount at the tables of the MGM Grand Casino, he may not have missed it too much! Please visit real vegas online casino instant play and make money.

lloyd williams_kerry packer

intertops-pokerIn the high money stakes of Las Vegas it’s not surprising that so much can be won and lost. Baccarat player, Larry Flynt, is known for putting his money where his mouth is to the tune of $45,000 a time and that kind of money can soon stack up. Unsurprising, then, that the big casinos are happy to give the “whales” whatever they want; they bring the “buzz” of big money to the table.

high limit baccaratAnd it’s no surprise that the world of online baccarat also wants to, shall we say, make things interesting, from time to time. A game that has always attracted those with the nerve and stomach for a daring gamble and at the highest stakes needs to find a way to translate that thrill into the online casino. And so High Limits baccarat was born to fill that need!

With most standard online baccarat games offering minimum stakes as low as one dollar, and many setting a maximum limit that is comparatively low there has always been scope for a game with more danger, more risk, and more money. The rules are the same, the odds are the same, and the play is the same. But the stakes?  Well that’s a different story.